Data Stream in Hotel Management Software

In the Hotel management software like the one on, there is a data stream that keeps the business running properly. If there is an error that happens in the data stream, a mistake can occur in the business. Thus, it is important to keep the data stream in order. The data stream which is generated by the system can be divided into three categories and they are as follows:

– The top level to the needs of top managers. The demand for the data or information is long-term, very uncertain, environmental, planning and wisdom and in the form of concise reports.
– The mid-level to the middle manager. The need for data or information medium-term, relatively more certain, organizational, policy implementation and tactical planning, relatively detailed report.
– The down to lower-level managers. The need for data or information is short-term that it might is departmental and implementation and about the continuance of the daily activities in a detailed report.