How SEO Off Page Works

Through, we will help you to optimise your website. The basic principle of SEO off-page is to be directed towards building backlinks to your website or blog. When building backlinks to be directed to your website, you must think about the quality of the website where the backlink originates. Not all backlinks will be judged by the search engines. Here are some of the factors considered by search engines to determine the weight of a backlink:

– Website of the PR (Page Rank) is high will give greater weight in the eyes of search engines. If you get backlinks from websites that have a lack of good public relations, then these backlinks will get low grades or even worth in the eyes of search engines.

– Type of backlinks is best for your website is a backlink coming from the websites of trusted such as educational websites/website belongs to the university (which typically use extension .edu), a news website, and also backlink from the directories that have a good ranking like Yahoo.