Benefits of the system software on the department

There is a section which manages supplies and needs particular hotel Food & Beverage. Data entry in the form of revenue and expenditure of goods/materials, entry and exit of goods from storage/kitchen. Benefits of the system software in this department is the Production Department, as

1. Control of Food Production: Production Estimates, Round Menu, Record Sales of Food, Processing Standard results, Standard Recipes, Food Portion Size Standard

2. Drink Production Control: Estimated Production, Record Beverage Sales, Beverage Processing Standard Results, Standard Recipe Drinks, Beverages Portion Size Standards

3. Food and Beverage Cost Control: Analysis of Income and Expenses, Pricing, Prevention of wasted material, Fraud Prevention, Management Information

Gains on Services Section with such policies,

1. Financial Policy,

2. Marketing Policy

3. Catering Policy

List of Food and Beverage (Menu), adjusted to three of the above policy is

1. criteria menu,

2. The contents of the menu

3. type menu

Purchasing procedures, including food services classification method, as follows;

1. Production Control Food Restaurant, bar, mini bar, and banquet There are two facilities in this restaurant system ie cash register systems (POS Hotel Resto) and Back Office Restaurant System. Wherein the first system is used as a cash register restaurant where the price can be adjusted if there are an event / specific activities. And the second system is a restaurant management system that is used to monitor transactions and reports the results of the transaction.