Four Favorite Wedding Cake Flavors

Not only limited as a complement of weddings or banquets for invited guests, on the other hand, wedding cake also has a very deep meaning, namely the learning arena of decision makers together. It was obtained when the bride cutting the cake together. Therefore, choosing and preparing wedding cake is one important part that should not be missed in preparing a wedding anywhere. You can order a cake that will accompany your happy day at Costco Cakes. If you want to know Costco Cakes Prices, you can visit our website.

Various designs and flavors are offered from a variety of pastry shops in this modern era.In addition to the shapes and decorations that should look as beautiful and attractive as possible, the taste is also, of course, important because in the end, the guests who are present will also feel your wedding cake together. You are still confused to determine what flavors will be used for a wedding cake? Here are four flavors of wedding cake that still remain a favorite and trend in 2017:

1. Red Velvet

Like the color, the red on this cake seems the perfect symbol to represent love and romance. Rich flavors and textures, plus tasty creamy cheese filling are the perfect combinations for a loving day.

2. Chocolate

With so many levels of chocolate density that can be chosen according to taste makes it still a favorite taste of the wedding cake. Chocolate cake can be combined with many flavors, ranging from sweet and creamy like cheese to fresh like mint, orange, and strawberry.

3. Lemons

Light but sharp makes the cake with this flavor suitable for weddings conducted outdoors. Pair it with raspberry or strawberry filling mixed with whipped cream to taste the bitter fruit. You can also be faithful with the lemon flavored buttercream to further strengthen the taste.

4. Vanilla

Vanilla includes a standard taste that many people love. Couples who choose these flavors are usually rated as a conventional couple who love the stuff of traditional and classic. But, indeed you will not be wrong when choosing vanilla to be a taste of the wedding cake. Using a frosting that also tastes vanilla will further add flavor to taste. Or, unified matching with other flavors whether it’s for frosting or filling.