Tips For Polishing Your Nails

For those of you who love the beautiful NAIL POLISH COLORS on your nails, usually, what do you do when you get bored with the colour of your nails and want to replace it? Will you go to a salon, or do yourself at home? If you plan to paint your nails or do a manicure at home, here are some tips you can do:

– Use white paint as a base of fluorescent paint
In order for you to follow the fluorescent trend of nail polish perfectly, you can coat your favourite neon colours with white nail polish as the base. In this way, the neon colours you choose will be more visible.

– Wear a lip brush
Anyone must have the same problem in colouring the nails of his paint that widened everywhere. Well, to tidy up you simply take advantage of a long lip brush. So you do not need to throw a lot of cotton bud.

– Keep nail polish in the refrigerator
If you want durable nail polish, in both colour and viscosity, put it in the refrigerator. Cold temperatures will maintain the quality of your nail polish.